Last week the Bahamas Waste team unveiled another new service truck to be added to their fleet. This one though carried a message dear to the Directors and Managers hearts, “Service Above Self!”

Rotary’s official motto, Service Above Self, traces back to the early days of the organization in 1911. It was taken from a speech made at their second convention of the National Association of Rotary Clubs of America. In 1950 at the Convention in Detroit, it was officially adopted as one of the clubs mottos and in 1989 Council on Legislation, and they established ‘Service Above Self’ as the principal motto of Rotary.

“Bahamas Waste has been a very big supporter of Rotary for the past 20 plus years” noted Francisco de Cardenas, Managing Director of Bahamas Waste. “We have three Past Presidents and five total Rotarians on the Board of Directors. I believe we share a common philosophy with the Rotary core values, and what a better way to support those values, and Felix Stubbs, the 2015/2016 District Governor.”


During a pre-ceremony to the annual Nassau Rotary awards, held at the Governor General’s residence, the Waste team officially presented the truck to District Governor Stubbs, current Rotary Presidents, Rotarians and their guests. Stubbs unveiled the hidden design, which revealed two clasped hands and the motto on both sides of the white garbage truck.

“I am so delighted that Bahamas Waste has chosen to recognize the work of Rotary in this fashion. The truck, so beautifully done, will bring awareness to Rotary’s efforts to end polio in the world,” stated Stubbs.


“The truck also promotes Rotary International’s theme ‘Be a gift to the world’ and my District 7020’s theme ‘From Success to Significance’. Both themes seek to encourage Rotarians and others to use their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of those who are in need. That is what Bahamas Waste has done and I congratulate them wholeheartedly.”

According to Rotary history ( the ‘Service Above Self’ motto best conveys the philosophy of unselfish volunteer service. The Bahamas Waste family truly believes in this philosophy. The newly minted truck will now join their infamous Big Pink Truck, which reminds Bahamians to get tested early for cancer as well as their National Pride Truck which displays the country’s flag.

“Service Above Self” – what a better country we would be if we were ALL Rotarians” ended de Cardenas.

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