Primary School Students Make the Pledge to Conserve Water

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has been hard at work improving their services and recently launched their Win Back campaign showing the improvements they have made. Additionally, WSC continues to teach students about our most important resource, WATER, and why we should treasure it.

Last week the WSC PR team visited Stephen Dillet Primary School to show students the importance of water conservation. “Water, water, everywhere!” exclaimed S. Scavella, Principal of Stephen Dillet Primary. “Water and Sewerage really cares and it showed in their lesson, which was informative and well presented. It aligns with the Ministry of Environment’s prescribed curriculum topics in Social Studies and the students really benefited from this timely and detailed presentation.”

Since National Water Month, WSC has been reaching out to various primary schools to give presentations on how much water we use in our daily lives. During the presentation, the team gave students small tips that they can use everyday to help conserve water and to understand how lucky we are in The Bahamas to have it so readily accessible.

WSC Public Relations and Marketing Rep, Chrisnor Stuart, Giving Lessons on Water Conservation

“The students were very appreciative and responsive to the information we shared,” said Chrisnor Stuart, WSC Public Relations and Marketing Rep. “Children can make a huge impact on water conservation simply by starting at home and changing the way their families, friends and classmates use water. The right thing can be done just by doing one thing each day to contribute to your home’s water conservation.”

In addition to learning about water conservation, the students watched videos on the reverse osmosis system that WSC uses to provide water in Nassau and in some Family Islands. The students eagerly absorbed the information and all pledged to do their part in helping to conserve water.

WSC Team Presenting Bags to Students to Commemorate Their Lessons on Water Conservation

“The presentation was informative, interesting and easy for the students to understand,” said Leonique Taylor, class teacher. “The content was relevant to what we teach. Hats off to the WSC team! Excellent delivery and interaction!”

As part of the company’s ongoing redevelopment, and thanks to an $81 million IDB loan, the corporation is improving its overall image and connection with the community. WSC just released its first Win Back initiative and is working diligently to improve their overall water pressure and infrastructure.

To learn more visit their website or social media pages. Schools interested in having this program delivered at the school can contact Chrisnor Stuart at WSC at 302-5599.

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