Freeport, Bahamas – What began as a vision in the heart and mind of James ‘Jimmy’ Sands has since blossomed into a national beverage empire. Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd is celebrating ten years of everything “Truly Bahamian”.
Opened in 2007, the 40,000-square foot brewery opened with a staff complement of 14. In the beginning, much of the company’s efforts focused on the production of its one signature brand – Sands Beer! Now, the company boasts a staff complement of 125, 100,000 square foot expanded brewery facilities which produce eight varieties of beer and one malt, and eight liquor stores in Nassau, Grand Bahama, Abaco, and Eleuthera.
With his own family history rooted in the liquor and beverage business, Jimmy always dreamt of owning and operating his own brewery. The timing was critical to reduce the risk of the liquor industry being run by a foreign entity. Grand Bahama was attractive because of the existing favourable tariffs that were needed in order to have a chance to compete. Having a Bahamian owned and operated brewery helped reduce the monopolistic structure of the industry that existed. This gave the country a choice.

As Jimmy prepared to open the company doors in 2007 he held a “Name That Beer” competition which gave residents on Grand Bahama the opportunity to name what would become the brewery’s signature product.
“From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted the Bahamian people to play a major role in how we branded our business. Because we are a ‘Truly Bahamian’ company, it made sense for our customers to have the chance to participate in that way” said Jimmy Sands.
Over the past ten years, the Brewery has grown leaps and bounds adding new product offerings like the ever-popular Sands Pink Radler, the low-calorie Sands Light, the Infamous ‘Kickin’ Chicken: Bush Crack Beer in two flavours, Strong Back Stout and the High Rock Lager named for the quaint settlement in East Grand Bahama.

“We have fans of our products all over the world and we are very grateful for that kind of support,” said Wellington Seymour, Executive Sales & Marketing Manager. “Even more important to us is the sense of pride that all Bahamians can have knowing that one of their own is putting The Bahamas on the map in this way.”
To mark its ten-year anniversary, Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd. will give its fans and customers the opportunity to scratch and win over ten thousand dollars in cash and prizes. The promotion which launched this week at all Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits locations, will offer two chances to win for each scratch card, first a chance to scratch and win instant prizes; then, a chance to enter them for a $500 cash prize at the end of the month.

“This is a great opportunity for us to say, ‘thanks’ to our local clients,” added Seymour. “In addition to the daily chances to win, each person who buys a six-pack of Sands, Sands Light and Sands Pink Radler – will also be entered to win the grand prize – a FREE trip to Grand Bahama Island and VIP treatment at the concert of the year!”

To learn more about the Brewery’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, persons are asked to visit the company website or the social media pages. “I’m very proud of what we have accomplished,” noted Sands. “The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage company continues to personify what it means to be a “Truly Bahamian” entity and is proof of what can happen with Bahamians at the helm.”

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