New Providence, Bahamas – This weekend, May 4-6 the streets of New Providence will come alive with the sights and sounds of The Bahamas Carnival Experience. Excitement has been building for months with a series of fetes and concerts which cleared a path for a weekend of fun, and merriment. Now, “The Fete Continues”. In just a few days, carnival fans and Soca enthusiasts from The Bahamas and around the world will flood the streets for the 2018 event which will feature amazing international and local artists.

As has been the case since the start of the local Carnival season, Presidente – will be front and centre for the festivities. Joining the highly anticipated road fever march on May 5th, three Presidente Sponsored Floats will showcase three of Soca music’s biggest and brightest stars.

“We are so excited to have Orlando Octave, Fadda Fox and Farmer Nappy joining us on board the Presidente Music Truck” explained Presidente Marketing Manager, Manny Bartolo, “they’ll treat the crowd to high energy performances all day and be there to interact with carnival goers”.

Since its launch in the local market last year, scores of Bahamian beer drinkers have embraced the crisp and refreshing taste of Presidente, with thousands supporting various Presidente themed events at every opportunity, from the three music vibes tour events to the pre-carnival parties.

“We’ve made it very easy for fans of Presidente to enjoy the Carnival experience” noted Wellington Seymour, Executive Sales & Marketing Manager of The Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company Limited, the local distributor of Presidente Beer. “All they have to do to receive their Presidente t-shirt or bandana is purchase a six-pack of Presidente from any of our Jimmy’s Nassau locations.”.

Saturday’s road fever parade will begin at 10 am leaving from the famed Thomas A. Robinson Stadium and will culminate in a massive Bahamas Carnival celebration Arawak Cay later that night.

“With each event, we work to show our commitment to providing exciting, lively and unforgettable experiences,” said Bartolo. “This weekend will be no exception and we invite everyone to come and enjoy!”

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