Freeport, Bahamas – The entrance to Grand Bahama Island’s Happiest Hotel was the site of a cute celebration ahead of Mother’s Day this year, despite the COVID-19 lockdown on the island. The management at Pelican Bay Resort stepped up their normal festivities  – proving that not even a global pandemic could stop a Mother’s Day celebration. 

With a long-standing reputation for celebrating the efforts of its #happy employees, each of the hotel’s mothers and mother figures was treated to a special curbside luncheon from the hotel’s renowned restaurant Sabor. Greeted by colorful balloons, signs, and management, employees safely drove up and picked up their gifts, practicing social distancing.

“Of the property’s forty-plus employees, thirty of them are mothers who head their households or are the breadwinners in their families,” said Pelican Bay Operations Manager, Della Bridgewater. “With all of the uncertainty that currently exists not just here at home, we really wanted to take the time out to remind all of our hard-working moms and their families that they are appreciated.”

“In this time of uncertainty, it really warmed my heart to be celebrated, and to be given permission to celebrated” noted Gaynell Garland of the hotel’s Customer Care and Safety department. “They restored a sense of comfort that had been stripped away and so I think I speak on behalf of all the mothers of Pelican Bay when I say a huge thank you to everyone who made it possible.”

In addition to the specially prepared meals, the boutique hotel also provided ‘COVID-Care packages’ filled with grocery items and goodies to help the hardworking mothers who are staying at home until the country reopens its doors to tourists again.

“It was such a pleasure to see the smiling faces of all the moms who drove up to receive their packages,” said Pelican Bay General Manager, Magnus Alnebeck. “We know that times are challenging, but as we always have, we are committed to showing our support and appreciation for all the people who have helped make Pelican Bay the happiest hotel on Grand Bahama.” 

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