Nassau, The Bahamas – Committed to providing a superior customer service experience, The New Providence Water Development Company (NPWDCo.) has taken the digital leap, teaming up with MobileAssist® to provide its customers with a convenient and secure bill payment platform from their mobile device. The new partnership is the latest in a series of major upgrades introduced by NPWDCo., all designed to improve the quality of products and services and to transform the way customers can engage with the company as well.

Since its inception, MobileAssist® has helped various sectors make the digital shift and has overseen the incorporation of technological advancements within the larger business community. With approximately 90 thousand downloads to date and a reputation as the fastest-growing digital payment platform, NPWDCo leaped at the opportunity to be part of the MobileAssist® family. The partnership has proven particularly successful over the past several months as lingering COVID-19 conditions have required greater social distancing protocols, allowing customers to utilize the user-friendly platform to keep current with their utility payments and prohibiting more exposure to others.

“Our customers have been very thankful for the move, especially during the COVID lockdowns where customers could not leave their homes or were out of the country. Thanks to the app, they were able to access their accounts remotely and still pay their bills on time and with receipts” explained NPWDCo. CEO Andrew Symonette. “We receive an instant notification that a payment has been made and by whom which makes it much easier to apply the payments securely and correctly to our customers’ accounts,” Symonette noted.

During July and August, the partnership also allowed NPWDCo customers to win prizes simply for downloading and using the app. For Contest winner Tonia Bain, using the MobileAssist® app not only gave her an efficient way to pay her bill but also access to a few of her favorite products in the prize package curated by the company. “The process was very easy from downloading the app, to logging in and setting it up” she noted.

Customers interested in accessing the payment app may do so free of charge by visiting their phone’s Apple Store or Google Play Store and downloading it directly to their device. To get started, users simply download and register on the app, then set up their Mobile Wallet. The Mobile Wallets can either be loaded with any major debit/credit card or topped up (with cash) at one of the designated TopUp locations. Once the process is complete, users must simply tap the bill pay icon, select the desired company logo, enter his/her account details, and hit pay.
“Using MobileAssist® to pay my NPWDC Bill saves me time and is most useful during these COVID19 times,” Bain said. “This is an awesome tool to have, from notifications to making payments and instant record-keeping; this works for me.”

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