For more than 2 years, the country and the world have grappled with the loss of family, friends, and loved ones at the hands of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Since the introduction of vaccines designed to mitigate the impact of the virus on the human population, millions of people have lined up to get ‘the jab’. 

Across our archipelago, some 138 thousand Bahamians have joined those ranks accounting for 35.2% of the country’s population. While the personal choice to be vaccinated against the deadly Covid-19 virus was a relatively easy choice for some, the decision has not been as cut and dry for many others. 

With vaccine hesitancy, a major concern in the fight against the Coronavirus, corporate citizens like Bahamas Waste is doing their part to allay fears, raise awareness and even incentivize the process for members of its team.  “We understand that making this kind of decision can be difficult and even frightening for some,” noted Bahamas Waste General Manager, Francisco de Cardenas. “For the past several weeks and months we’ve been making sure that our employees have all the information they need to make a decision and that they are aware of all the options available to them.”

In addition to raising awareness, the company also set out to reward team members who got or will get vaccinated. Over three months, Bahamas Waste employees are being given three chances to win cash prizes as part of its in-house ‘Get Vaxxed Raffle’ with the first of the three drawings taking place on November 30th.  “The support from our team has been great so far,” noted Bahamas Waste Health & Safety / IT Manager, Christopher Johnson. “We’re expecting even more participation as we move into our December and January drawings.”

Employees opting to take any of the available vaccines throughout the country were able to enter to win five hundred dollars in November, with chances to win another five hundred in December and a thousand dollars in January drawings too. “We have also allowed the names to roll over if they do not win in the first or second drawings,” noted Johnson. “In addition, we gave out four consolation prizes for this month of $50 gas vouchers all drawn by members of The Bahamas National Vaccination Committee.“

Speaking for the National Council while at the raffle event, Vice Chairman, Ed Fields, noted “Every little bit counts!  We applaud Bahamas Waste and these types of corporate initiatives, which Bahamas Waste organized on their own.  It shows their commitment to their employees but more so how they are making every effort to the wider goal to get as many people in The Bahamas vaccinated as possible.” 

In all, as many as 78 employees entered the raffle but for Thomas Knowles having his name drawn meant a 500 dollar payday just in time for the holiday shopping season. “I initially went back and forth about taking the vaccine but after paying attention to the trends, the statistics, and heeding the advice of healthcare professionals, I’m glad I made the decision and even happier that I can be rewarded for it.” 

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