With nearly 45 years of activism and advocacy under its belt, the Cancer Society of The Bahamas has been the go-to resource for cancer sufferers and survivors across the country. In 2020 alone, more than 800 Bahamians were diagnosed with some form of cancer, with instances of prostate and breast cancer among the most prevalent forms of the deadly disease. 

Since 1976, the Cancer Society has worked to raise awareness about the various types of cancer impacting Bahamian society.  Highlighted are the benefits of early detection and treatment options while providing much-needed mental and emotional support to its patrons, a mandate which has become increasingly difficult due to both global economic and health conditions.

Despite the challenges, the Cancer Society’s years of dedication has inspired countless organizations to join the fight against cancer including Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits. Over the past several years Jimmy’s has stepped up as a major supporter of the Cancer Society’s efforts providing funding for educational programs and other initiatives. “The relationship between Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits and The Cancer Society of The Bahamas dates back many years” noted Mallory Sands of Jimmy’s. “Just as we have supported in the past, we wish to continue our service to this organization and do our part in any way that improves the lives of our good Bahamian people and families.” 

This donation is yet another example of Jimmy’s ongoing commitment to good corporate citizenry. During the month of October, the company launched a special Breast Cancer Awareness initiative which encouraged customers to donate to the worthy cause.

“As a truly Bahamian company, we are proud to support causes that serve and impact the greater community” noted Sands. “It is a tragic reality that cancer is all too prevalent in Bahamian society. Cancer has affected each and every one of us in some way. We were so pleased with the response we received from the general public as well. We want to continue to be a part of the solution as much as we hope to be there for the celebration when a battle has been fought and won.”

For the team at the Cancer Society, the assistance could not have come at a better time. “The past two years have been particularly challenging for us,” said Cancer Society Administrator Errin Storr. “The devastation of Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 forced us to cancel many of our major fundraising events, which has impacted how much support we’ve been able to provide those most in need of our services.”  

This latest donation, officials say, will be used to fund ongoing educational campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the early detection and prevention of cancer.

“We plan to up our media engagement through the use of more social media broadcasts as well as through our website,” said Storr. Those efforts she notes will target a younger audience through the Cancer Society’s HaLT – Healthy Lifestyle Teams – initiative. “That program,” she notes “is designed to promote healthier lifestyles choices.  Targeting the youths will teach them better eating habits as they grow into adulthood; the mission is committed to the awareness, education, prevention, research, advocacy, care and cure of cancer.” 

“More importantly,” Storr says, “the funds will have a significant impact on the number of individuals who can be accommodated at the Society’s Cancer Caring Centre. Many of our clients come from the family islands. So part of what we do is try to create a home-away-from-home experience to help persons through their recovery periods.”

As the fight against cancer progresses, Bahamians can expect the partnership between Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits and the Cancer Society of The Bahamas to grow. According to Sands, the company is committed to helping important causes whenever it can. “Service is our culture. Jimmy’s takes part in charitable initiatives year-round and we’ll continue to help meet the needs of our community through partnerships with nonprofits like The Cancer Society of The Bahamas. We believe in their important work and we are happy to help.” 

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