As the global community embraces more sustainable waste management solutions to address the growing environmental crisis, Bahamas Waste is leading that charge locally. From facilitating sanitation and clean-up efforts in the Northern Bahamas post-hurricane Dorian to spearheading clean-up campaigns in inner-city communities in New Providence, Bahamas Waste has become synonymous with cleaning up the environment. 

Its partnerships with local environmental organizations like The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) are further proof of that commitment. One need only visit any of the country’s national parks for evidence of the company’s involvement.  For more than 20 years, Bahamas Waste has provided waste receptacles, handwashing stations, and portable units at locations such as the Bonefish Pond National Park, which has been key to helping facilitate a pleasant and practical park experience for all visitors.

The company’s most recent collaboration with the BNT occurred this past weekend when the company provided support in the form of skips, toilets, and handwashing stations for two major cleanup events focusing on World Oceans Day at the Bonefish Pond National Park. On Friday, June 10th, the BNT hosted visiting NFL players for a day of clean-up and mangrove out-planting. Supported by Bahamas Waste, volunteer teams were able to remove large household appliances, mattresses, and even heavy equipment from the park site. 

A day later on June 11th, the Marshall Road access to Bonefish Pond National Park was cleaned by more than 50 volunteers from RBC and KPMG. Again with the assistance of Bahamas Waste, those teams were able to fill an entire skip with discarded wooden furniture, floor tiles, and cement blocks, among smaller pieces of trash. 

“Bahamas Waste has always responded promptly and favorably to any requests we have made for assistance, and we are happy to have them onboard as such a major partner,” noted BNT President Geoff Andrews. 

The company’s long history of support of environmental projects has not only helped keep the country clean but has earned Bahamas Waste a reputation as a good corporate citizen.

We understand and realize the importance of the environment and surroundings and so partnering with NGOs that are transparent and work hard, too, is important to us and our country,” explained Bahamas Waste General Manager, Francisco de Cardenas. “It all started with us offering discounted services,” he said, “and since then we’ve grown from assisting with the occasional beach clean-up to being full-fledged partners.”

The BNT has coordinated countless environmentally-focused activities from beach cleanups to the maintenance of national parks, both in the capital and in the family islands.  “Bahamas Waste is a longstanding partner of the BNT,” explained BNT Executive Director, Eric Carey. “Throughout our history, they’ve supported us in many capacities, from participating in volunteer clean-ups to providing in-kind sponsorship and waste management solutions at special events.  But they also help us with monetary gifts towards our Parks, Science, and Education programs.” 

Over the next several weeks and months, Trust officials say they anticipate that the partnership will continue to grow as the BNT expands its efforts to encourage even greater environmental awareness. 

“It’s clear from Bahamas Waste’s commitment and positive response to our initiatives that they recognize the importance of the environment and national parks to our country and our citizens,” Carey said. “We appreciate and thank them for their continual and unfailing support and for being a partner we’re proud to say we can always count on.”

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