New Providence, The Bahamas – Bahamas Waste, the country’s most trusted waste management company is going cashless. This new phase of the company’s operations takes effect on December 1, 2022, providing an added layer of convenience for Bahamas Waste customers.

“Certain aspects of our business have been digital for quite some time,” explained Jasmine Davis, CFO of Bahamas Waste. “With the advent of the pandemic, how we all do business changed dramatically. It has caused many of us to utilize digital platforms for the first time or ramp up utilization. Our customers are accustomed to receiving their bills electronically and many of them already use different forms of digital payments.”

The move to a cashless environment is collaborative with local agency Cash N’ Go and is part of our company’s overall strategy to digitize our business. “Partnering with local businesses to provide payment options for their customers is a core element of what we do,” said LaMarque Drew, General Manager, Cash N’ Go. “Through virtual wallet payments or over the counter, we provide safe, secure electronic payments that can help reduce theft and increase peace of mind for hardworking Bahamians.”

For Bahamas Waste, the partnership with Cash N’ Go made perfect sense. “This will allow us to move with the times and gives our customers the freedom to pay their bills wherever they are, and customers who absolutely have to pay in cash will have the convenience of using any Cash N’ Go location,” noted Davis.

The company will start transitioning to cashless right away, and is providing 4 options for its customers to use; Cash N’Go services, credit card, online bank transfers, and cheque payments via drop box at the company’s main office. “This marks the beginning of our advertising blitz to inform the community of this change. We invite those wanting to know more to visit our website payment tab for details,” explained Davis. “We would like to assure our customers that in taking this leap we will still maintain our company’s mission to provide a superior customer experience.”

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