New Providence, The Bahamas –  HG Christie – the country’s largest and oldest real estate firm – recently tapped acclaimed Bahamian Filmmaker Kareem Mortimer to produce a new documentary titled VISION: The Story of Sir Harold Christie. The documentary was the culmination of a year-long centennial celebration that included a campaign of philanthropy, expansion, and good corporate citizenry. “We were thinking about something special we could do in commemoration of our hundred-year anniversary” explained CEO John Christie, “it was important for us to create a vehicle through which we could tell the HGC story and celebrate the company’s legacy and so we Kareem Mortimer to help us tell that story”.

Privately screened at the Island House Theater in New Providence this November, the completed film represents several months of work that began at the height of the global pandemic. “The process of this film took two years” Mortimer noted. “We were able to get some interviews in person, but many of our interviews were conducted during covid lockdowns via Zoom,” he said.

Based on the life of Sir Harold G Christie, the 80-minute film tells the company’s origin story. Through a series of interviews with key players, VISION takes an intimate look at the life’s work of the late real estate tycoon, chronicling his family upbringing and the founding of the business back in 1922. More than just a re-telling of the Christie family history, however, the film also provides a deep dive into the development of the real estate industry and the country as a whole. “Every time I get to tell a Bahamian story it’s a pleasure for me,” said Mortimer, “…we worked really hard to tell the story as accurately and as objectively as possible.”

The film which soft-launched over two nights has so far been met with stellar reviews with more than 50 persons packing the theater each night. “The reaction to the documentary has been incredible thus far” gushed John Christie. “This was not just an opportunity to tell the story of HG for our family but also to tell the story of his contributions to The Bahamas.” The film will be officially released to the public, early 2023.

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