New Providence, Bahamas  – On February 12, diehard football fans from across the globe will be glued to their televisions for the monumental showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs in Glendale Arizona; however, a group of lucky Bahamian fans will get to experience the thrill of the game live and in person. For more than a decade,  AB InBev along with local distributor Jimmy’s wines & spirits have led the way in providing quality experiences and giving its loyal customers chances to save big and win big

In 2023, that reputation is being taken once again to an all-new level along with its partners, with Bud Light and Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits,  taking three Bahamians and their guests to the Super Bowl where they will be treated to the ultimate hospitality experience. Winners Cyril Robinson, Jermaine Humes, and Vivian Bain will get to experience the thrill of being at Super Bowl LVII live. “I’m extremely excited about going to the Super Bowl” gushed Robinson, “the chance to be in the stadium, the game, the halftime show, all of it”. Robinson who is a first-time winner of a Bud Light promotion says he learned about the contest through his fiancé who will be accompanying him on the once-in-a-lifetime trip.

For Jermaine Humes, being present at the game in person will mean missing his weekly football association watch party. “I’m on the committee for the NFL Brotherhood and I was actually in the process of planning this year’s annual watch party,” he explained. “But this is an epic chance of a lifetime and I’m excited about the chance to be in the building.”

The three winners were randomly selected from entrants who participated nationwide, all of whom purchased a Bud Light 6-pack from Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits or their favourite bar or liquor distributor.

The six Bahamians will receive all-expense-paid trips to Arizona, tickets to the game – where the winners will also experience the highly anticipated return of Grammy award-winning recording artist Rihanna who is scheduled to headline this year’s half-time show – plus VIP access to all Bud Light events.

“It’s a very satisfying feeling to see the excitement on our winner’s faces, just to be able to give back to our customers by providing access to these exclusive experiences is one of the best parts of this job,” said AB InBev Brand Manager, Nathan Arnett. “

Bud Light & Jimmy’s did not forget its other football fans. Bud Light will host a  major Super  Bowl event in Nassau on February 12. “Not everyone can win the trip, but every one of our promotions is really for the fans. So we wanted to bring the excitement of the Super Bowl game to The Bahamas,” Arnett explained.

On Super Bowl weekend, the party will kick into high gear with a massive watch party in Nassauat the Cricket Club grounds across from Arawak Cay. There, attendees will be entertained, and enjoy Bud Light specials, giveaways, as well as fan gear and all the game day food favourites!

“This year’s Super Bowl promotion, exceeds anything we’ve done in the past,” said Arnett. “Our plan is to give the fans a superior football watch party experience because it really is about the support we receive from them. This is our way of giving back.”

Arnett and his team are already looking toward the future. “Bigger and better, that’s what people can expect from Bud Light &  all AB InBev brands in 2023. We are excited and we hope everyone is ready for the ride.”

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