New Providence, Bahamas – The global observance of World Water Day, serves as a reminder of the critical role that water plays in sustaining life on Earth and the need to take collective action to protect this precious resource. According to the UN Water Conference, however, the lack of progress made on meeting the sustainable development goals on water preservation and accessibility continues to be a hindrance to the progress on other global issues. This year’s World Water Day theme, ‘Accelerate Change,’ highlights the urgent need to address the global water crisis and the impact it continues to have on other global issues, from hunger to healthcare.

For more than a decade, MIYA Bahamas and its partner Water and Sewerage Company (WSC) have been at the forefront of water conservation efforts across New Providence, aligning its efforts with mandates set forth by the United Nations. MIYA has partnered with organizations like the Bahamas National Trust and Rotary; through events, campaigns, and educational initiatives to meet its mandate of encouraging water conservation and promoting sustainable water use practices. Since 2012, MIYA and WSC efforts have reversed the trend of non-revenue water losses, improved water distribution, and resulted in major cost and energy savings.

Despite the progress being made, UN officials estimate that Governments have to work on average four times faster to get the world on target to meet the  Sustainable Development Goals. Against this backdrop, MIYA Bahamas has set its sights on reaching a younger audience in hopes of accelerating change here at home.

“Water is life” stated Alvaro Ramalho, MIYA Bahamas Country Manager explained. “As a company MIYA Bahamas is fully committed to doing our part to teach everyone the importance of protecting this very important resource while also working to improve the level of service and the quality and efficiency of the water distribution networks.”

Over this year and next, MIYA executives will make presentations to young students across New Providence, in hopes of inspiring a new generation to take action. The new school-focused initiative is part of a wider strategy by the company which recently expanded its Bahamas contract to continue water reduction efforts on the island.

“The country can only achieve the water reduction goals by having a full commitment from all the population,” Ramalho stressed. “Therefore, the schools are extremely important assets to teach the importance of conserving water and an excellent vehicle to spread the word of water value in a world impacted by recurring droughts and global warming.”

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