Nassau, Bahamas – In a bid to encourage environmental awareness and promote the significance of preserving natural resources, Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits recently joined forces with the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) to celebrate National Parks Day, uniting their passion for conservation and country. For more than ten years, Jimmy’s and Sands Beer have environmental advocates in their own right.

Team members from Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits were on hand to share the great taste of Sands.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, the company implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. From its use of plastic-free packaging and the implementation of a comprehensive recycling initiative through its bottle return program, the company continues to be a corporate leader in this regard.

“As an environmental non-profit we appreciate that their bottles are recycled and that they have an ongoing recycling program it demonstrates their commitment to the environment and keeping communities clean” noted BNT Director of Development and Communication Anna Bancroft. “It’s a pleasure to work with them throughout the year not only on  National Parks Day but they’re a corporate partner we can rely on year-round.”

Established eco-conscious brand, Corona was also present at Abaco’s Primeval Park.

This year’s partnership, which also coincided with the global observance of Earth Day, is the latest in a string of collaborations between the two entities which has over the years included several of the companies like Sands Beer, Corona, and Triple B.

“The partnership between Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits and BNT was a natural fit. The trust has a long-standing reputation for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility,” said Executive Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. “That is something we value very much as well and so we are proud to have been a part of National Parks Day, and to have been able to provide visitors to these parks with a fun and refreshing experience.”

This year’s National Parks Day celebrations saw up to nine BNT Parks, across seven islands participate, hosting various activities for visiting patrons on April 22. “National Parks Day is a fee-free day for every Bahamian, resident, and visitor to enjoy outdoor activities” explained Bancroft. “Visitors got to experience everything from hiking to kayaking, to birdwatching to yoga, to film screenings and even EV car testing so there really was something for everyone.”

Through its Sands and Corona brand portfolios, Jimmys Wines & Spirits showed up as a major on-site vendor across parks on four islands. “Visitors of Bonefish Pond National Park, Primeval Forest, The Rand Nature Centre, Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, and the Abaco National Park were glad to have a cold drink on National Parks Day, thanks to Jimmys Wines & Spirits.

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