New Providence, Bahamas – MIYA Bahamas has finalized the terms of a contract extension for four-and-a-half years  that will allow it to continue its collaborative relationship with The Bahamas Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC). For a decade now the water efficiency company’s primary focus has centered around improving the quality of water for scores of the island’s consumers by upgrading miles of deteriorating infrastructure, finding and fixing leaks, and preventing millions of gallons of wasted or non-revenue water (NWR).

Since 2012 when the work was initiated, MIYA Bahamas has been recognized by both the Inter-American Development Bank, and WEX Global for reducing non-revenue water losses across New Providence by 13.68 billion imperial gallons. “It has been ten years of great work with the WSC and with the signing of this contract we’re excited to continue that work” explained MIYA Country Representative Alvaro Ramalho.

Armed with new funding from the Government of The Bahamas, the new contract was extended, and will build on the successes of the previous one. “This new contract takes into consideration the lessons learned by the MIYA Bahamas team over the past decade, in addition to incorporating new technologies and methodologies that will enable WSC to build capacity via intensive training to be sustainable at the end of the period,” said Ramalho.

According to WSC General Manager Robert Deal, the contract extension not only represents a new phase of the infrastructure project but is the first step to addressing the inefficiencies associated with energy-intensive desalination processes. “We believe that this continued partnership will definitely benefit the corporation in terms of our operational efficiency while also improving the corporation’s fiscal standing as well,” he explained. “Reducing our water losses also helps put the corporation on a firm financial footing moving forward and that will provide added benefit to our customers as well,” Deal noted later on.

With ink now dried on the contract extension, MIYA Bahamas and WSC executives have outlined goals for the initiative which are performance based and include ensuring residents continue to have access to a safer, cleaner, and more reliable water supply but most importantly for the corporation will decrease the non-revenue water losses by a further 44 percent.

“We are happy to cement our relationship with MIYA Bahamas as we continue this very important work around non-revenue water management” said WSC’s Deputy Chairman Torez Hanna, “We’ve seen so much success through our partnership with them and we look forward to more success in the future.”

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