Toronto, Canada – The beautiful real estate properties of The Bahamas were on full display during the 2023 Canadian International Property Show in Toronto, Canada, where HG Christie Real Estate Agent and Relocation Specialist Rosalyn Brown shared some of the top real estate options available for purchase throughout our islands.

Property developers, financiers, promoters and other real estate firms from around the globe were exhibited during this year’s event in late October, where properties in The Bahamas joined the ranks of other high-end options from Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and other Caribbean destinations.

“I think that by showcasing HG Christie & Christie’s International, these investors and agents will think of us as not only the largest and oldest real estate company in The Bahamas, but one that is innovative and willing to expand our marketing horizons,” according to Brown, who called it a great experience to be the only agent present from The Bahamas.

Investment Attaché in The Bahamas Consulate General Office in Toronto Dwight Hart was a part of The Bahamas’ delegation, in partnership with the Minister of Tourism.

“I was delighted to have been invited to participate in the Canadian International Property Show in partnership with HG Christie and the MOT,” Hart said. “As the Investment Attaché for The Bahamas Government here in Toronto it gave me an opportunity to see what was being showcased by some of our global competitors in the real estate market.  I was also able to connect with a few Canadian real estate companies that are interested in establishing connections with real estate companies in The Bahamas with one potential partnership already bearing some fruit.  Shows like this offers The Bahamas a unique opportunity to market all that we have to offer as a warm weather, white sand and crystal-clear water destination.”

During the property show, Brown and The Bahamas’ delegation saw a steady stream of potential investors to The Bahamas, which she anticipates will reap benefits for the country’s real estate market.

This year’s show saw over 2,500 attendees from over 15 countries with more than 400 properties on display, and $300 million in transactions. Shining a light on the importance of investors buying properties overseas, by bringing the real estate experts all to one marketplace.

“Our booth had a huge banner backdrop created by our HGC design team which indicated the ability to have both a wonderful vacation home in Paradise, and to earn income through rentals when not in use,” according to Brown.

“We had many Investor Brochures and ‘Invest in The Bahamas’ information cards which ran out very quickly. We had a news crew attend who interviewed both Dwight and myself about the investment opportunities available throughout our Islands and why we were in Toronto. I explained the tax efficiency benefits for Canadian citizens, as well as investors from Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. It was a truly international show.”

Brown said the opportunity was priceless for HG Christie and The Bahamas’ real estate product, saying “In my opinion the future of international real estate investing is promising given that people can benefit from both ownership and investment income. Another benefit might be that it was held in one of the richest areas of Toronto – Yorkville, and so most of the private attendees had the means to buy a second or third home. I explained to the many Canadians I spoke to that they can spend 3 hours driving north to a cottage that they may be able to use 2-3 months of the year due to the weather, or fly 3 hours and be in Paradise.”

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