Barefoot Locations Services

Need more than what you see in the packages below? Contact us for a fully personalised package to suit your specific needs.

House/Condo Monitoring

Barefoot Locations conducts routine visits to property at a frequency of your choice. Client can assign specific tasks to be completed during visits (e.g Airing, Flushing Toilets, Running Air Conditioners/ Generators, etc). Barefoot Locations will send update via email to client after each visit.

Paying of monthly utility bills

Barefoot Locations can receive and make payments to local businesses and utility companies providing the client with a monthly statement of account.

Coordination of Grounds/Pool Maintenance

Barefoot Locations can organise maintenance and monitor upkeep of grounds and or pool. Note: pool and grounds maintenance fees are additional.

Vehicle/Boat Maintenance & Monitoring

Barefoot Locations can arrange for delivery and return of your vehicle to a local maintenance location. We can also arrange for boat maintenance personnel to carry out necessary work on your boat either on location or to be collected if necessary Barefoot Locations will conduct on-site inspection of your vehicle or boat and run the engine(s) to ensure current operation. Any anomalies will be reported.

Arrival and Departure Coordination Service

At your request Barefoot Locations can prepare your home for your arrival, ensuring that your return to The Bahamas is comfortable and seamless. Examples include but are not limited to: coordinating car rental, baby-sitting. Upon your departure, Barefoot Locations can also facilitate tasks such a discontinuing utilities, cleaning services etc.

Jeeves Service

For market cost Barefoot Locations will supply and stock your house with all your requirements — such as groceries, beverages, newspapers, etc — prior to your arrival. Your personal requests and tastes will be catered too. (Cost of items are additional)

Additional Services

Barefoot Locations can liaise with reputable and secure service providers on the island for any and all of your property management or personal needs.

Outsourced Services

Alarm Monitoring Services / Security Monitoring Services / Landscaping & Grounds / Maintenance / Pool Maintenance / Plumbing Services / Handyman Services Accounting / Services / Legal Services

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