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MIYA Bahamas working to ‘Accelerate Change’ in honour of World Water Day

MIYA Bahamas working to ‘Accelerate Change’ in honour of World Water Day

New Providence, Bahamas – The global observance of World Water Day, serves as a reminder of the critical role that water plays in sustaining life on Earth and the need to take collective action to protect this precious resource. According to the UN Water Conference, however, the lack of progress made on meeting the sustainable development goals on water preservation and accessibility continues to be a hindrance to the progress on other global issues. This year’s World Water Day theme, ‘Accelerate Change,’ highlights the urgent need to address the global water crisis and the impact it continues to have on other global issues, from hunger to healthcare.

For more than a decade, MIYA Bahamas and its partner Water and Sewerage Company (WSC) have been at the forefront of water conservation efforts across New Providence, aligning its efforts with mandates set forth by the United Nations. MIYA has partnered with organizations like the Bahamas National Trust and Rotary; through events, campaigns, and educational initiatives to meet its mandate of encouraging water conservation and promoting sustainable water use practices. Since 2012, MIYA and WSC efforts have reversed the trend of non-revenue water losses, improved water distribution, and resulted in major cost and energy savings.

Despite the progress being made, UN officials estimate that Governments have to work on average four times faster to get the world on target to meet the  Sustainable Development Goals. Against this backdrop, MIYA Bahamas has set its sights on reaching a younger audience in hopes of accelerating change here at home.

“Water is life” stated Alvaro Ramalho, MIYA Bahamas Country Manager explained. “As a company MIYA Bahamas is fully committed to doing our part to teach everyone the importance of protecting this very important resource while also working to improve the level of service and the quality and efficiency of the water distribution networks.”

Over this year and next, MIYA executives will make presentations to young students across New Providence, in hopes of inspiring a new generation to take action. The new school-focused initiative is part of a wider strategy by the company which recently expanded its Bahamas contract to continue water reduction efforts on the island.

“The country can only achieve the water reduction goals by having a full commitment from all the population,” Ramalho stressed. “Therefore, the schools are extremely important assets to teach the importance of conserving water and an excellent vehicle to spread the word of water value in a world impacted by recurring droughts and global warming.”

Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits Continues to Support the Fight Against Cancer – McDermott Wins Sands Beer For A Year

Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits Continues to Support the Fight Against Cancer – McDermott Wins Sands Beer For A Year

New Providence, Bahamas – Widely regarded for its work with cancer sufferers and survivors, the Cancer Society of The Bahamas has been an invaluable resource providing support, providing vital information, financial assistance and even housing to help Bahamians across the country for over 45 years. The organization’s years of dedication have inspired countless companies to join the fight against cancer including Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits.

Since its inception, Jimmy’s has been a major supporter of the Cancer Society’s efforts providing funding and sponsorship for the non-profit’s many initiatives. In the final quarter of 2022 and already in 2023, Jimmy’s made good on its promise of continued support with three donations to various Cancer Society fundraisers.

“The Cancer Society of The Bahamas has been one of our go-to philanthropic partners,” explained Executive Sales and Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. “In fact very early on we aligned our Pink Sands brand with the work they have been doing and we kicked things off with a major donation in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” he said.”

The company’s ‘Drink Pink for a Cure’ campaign has been an annual October promotion with funds earmarked for the cause.  “We allocated funds from the sale of all Sands Pink Radlers as well as pink-hued wines and spirits from brands like Svedka Rose Vodka, Beefeater Pink, Absolut Raspberri Vodka, and Notorious Pink Rose’” he explained. “At the end of the month those funds were part of a special donation which was presented to the Cancer Society team at our Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits East Bay Street location.”

Pictured, Caroline Kiriaze and General Manager Gary Sands

To close out 2022, Jimmy’s joined forces with the Cancer Society again as a partner for its signature holiday event ‘A Night At The Races’ held at the Old Fort Bay Club. The annual event is a major charity fundraiser in aid of the Cancer Society’s Cancer Caring centre. Since 2004, the facility has housed family island residents undergoing treatment in the capital – a service that was in even higher demand in the post-pandemic Bahamas.

“Coming off the heels of a major hurricane, and then a global pandemic we couldn’t have possibly considered bringing back an event like this without the help of partners like Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits,” noted Sue Roberts of the Cancer Society planning committee. “Thankfully partners like Jimmy’s made it possible for us to meet the demands of the centre and work toward its expansion.”

Pictured, Brand Manager Joel Smith (right) & Tom McDermott (left)

Less than a month into the new year, Sands Beer and the equally popular Tito’s Vodka brand became major sponsors of this year’s Cancer Society Golf Tournament. Now in its fourth year, the tournament got underway on the Majority Rule Day holiday at Baha Mar’s Blue Ocean Golf Course. A full field of 104 golfers participated in the two-man scramble that saw the teams hit the greens for a day of fun, camaraderie, and of course free beer and Tito’s cocktails courtesy of Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits.

Andrew Bell and Marcus Farrington emerged as the champions. The duo playing under the team of Sands Beer. However, there was another big win for the day. A tradition of Sands Beer for this tournament is to post a prize for the golfer who lands a golf ball in the Sands sculling boat which is anchored in Lake Cunningham. The Sands crew was ecstatic when the news spread over the course that year Tom McDermott hit a ball into the Sands boat! Tom’s prize is free Sands Beer for a year.

“This year’s tournament was a huge success” explained Tournament committee member Phil Andrews. “We raised close to $100,000 for the Cancer Society of The Bahamas, and we couldn’t have done so without the support of amazing corporate sponsors like Sands Beer and Tito’s Vodka of Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits.”

With an already packed lineup of events planned for the Cancer Society this year, the organization’s partnership with BBB is expected to grow and thrive. “It is hard to put a dollar value to the work being done by the Cancer Society,” said Susan Warren, Wines & Spirits Portfolio Specialist for Jimmy’s Wines & Spirit. “However as a corporate partner, we know that every little bit helps and so we’re always prepared to step up where necessary”.

Bud Light & Jimmy’s Send Six to Super Bowl LVII

Bud Light & Jimmy’s Send Six to Super Bowl LVII

New Providence, Bahamas  – On February 12, diehard football fans from across the globe will be glued to their televisions for the monumental showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs in Glendale Arizona; however, a group of lucky Bahamian fans will get to experience the thrill of the game live and in person. For more than a decade,  AB InBev along with local distributor Jimmy’s wines & spirits have led the way in providing quality experiences and giving its loyal customers chances to save big and win big

In 2023, that reputation is being taken once again to an all-new level along with its partners, with Bud Light and Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits,  taking three Bahamians and their guests to the Super Bowl where they will be treated to the ultimate hospitality experience. Winners Cyril Robinson, Jermaine Humes, and Vivian Bain will get to experience the thrill of being at Super Bowl LVII live. “I’m extremely excited about going to the Super Bowl” gushed Robinson, “the chance to be in the stadium, the game, the halftime show, all of it”. Robinson who is a first-time winner of a Bud Light promotion says he learned about the contest through his fiancé who will be accompanying him on the once-in-a-lifetime trip.

For Jermaine Humes, being present at the game in person will mean missing his weekly football association watch party. “I’m on the committee for the NFL Brotherhood and I was actually in the process of planning this year’s annual watch party,” he explained. “But this is an epic chance of a lifetime and I’m excited about the chance to be in the building.”

The three winners were randomly selected from entrants who participated nationwide, all of whom purchased a Bud Light 6-pack from Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits or their favourite bar or liquor distributor.

The six Bahamians will receive all-expense-paid trips to Arizona, tickets to the game – where the winners will also experience the highly anticipated return of Grammy award-winning recording artist Rihanna who is scheduled to headline this year’s half-time show – plus VIP access to all Bud Light events.

“It’s a very satisfying feeling to see the excitement on our winner’s faces, just to be able to give back to our customers by providing access to these exclusive experiences is one of the best parts of this job,” said AB InBev Brand Manager, Nathan Arnett. “

Bud Light & Jimmy’s did not forget its other football fans. Bud Light will host a  major Super  Bowl event in Nassau on February 12. “Not everyone can win the trip, but every one of our promotions is really for the fans. So we wanted to bring the excitement of the Super Bowl game to The Bahamas,” Arnett explained.

On Super Bowl weekend, the party will kick into high gear with a massive watch party in Nassauat the Cricket Club grounds across from Arawak Cay. There, attendees will be entertained, and enjoy Bud Light specials, giveaways, as well as fan gear and all the game day food favourites!

“This year’s Super Bowl promotion, exceeds anything we’ve done in the past,” said Arnett. “Our plan is to give the fans a superior football watch party experience because it really is about the support we receive from them. This is our way of giving back.”

Arnett and his team are already looking toward the future. “Bigger and better, that’s what people can expect from Bud Light &  all AB InBev brands in 2023. We are excited and we hope everyone is ready for the ride.”

HG Christie Grand Bahama helps Beacon School Shine for Junior Junkanoo

HG Christie Grand Bahama helps Beacon School Shine for Junior Junkanoo

Grand Bahama, The Bahamas – Last week, HG Christie Grand Bahama was thrilled to be able to jump in and assist The Beacon School on Grand Bahama with funds to help complete their Junior Junkanoo costumes and float. “This is a wonderful way for HG Christie to assist, to be able to help a small school like this show their spirit and that they are part of the community – it’s just terrific!” said Catherine MacLeay, HG Christie Real Estate Agent.

Junior Junkanoo which is a traditionally well-attended event on the island will take place on Saturday, February 11th on Pioneers Way – downtown, Freeport and over 20 local schools are set to participate.  Principal of the school, Titi Mckenzie-Moss noted, “Our kids are so excited. The Beacon School always comes out to Junior Junkanoo and puts on a grand performance.  We are so grateful to HG Christie for supporting us. It’s very important for companies to come in and support the local schools. Junior Junkanoo is an expensive venture. With corporate citizens coming in, it makes it easier for us.”

The Beacon School which is the island’s only special needs school, will be highlighting their silver jubilee at the event.  “Our children – a lot of them are not academically inclined, but they are very talented,” added Mckenzie-Moss. “Taking part in Junkanoo helps them realize they can play the cowbells, beat the drums, and dance like everyone else and it showcases and brings awareness to special education in Grand Bahama.”


HG Christie Celebrates Their Top Producers of 2022

HG Christie Celebrates Their Top Producers of 2022

New Providence, The Bahamas – Increased interest in The Bahamas as a prime real estate destination has been at the heart of a recent real estate explosion taking place across the country. It is against this backdrop that H G Christie (HGC) and its agents have continued to lead the way as the country’s largest and oldest real estate firm, with its top producers setting a company record in 2022.

Phillip Hillier

Phillip Hillier, Anya Mousis, Anne Bethel, Franklyn Knowles and Dwayne Wallas were recognized as top-producing agents for the company sales helping to cement HGC’s reputation as The Bahamas’ leading real estate company.

Anya Mousis

In New Providence, the top prize went to Hillier and Mousis, who work as a team mainly in the west of the island.

For Mousis, successfully completing a sale means not only providing access to available properties, but using the available resources to ensure that the client’s concerns are being adequately considered.

Anne Bethel

“It really is about keeping clients calm,” she noted, “using data to ensure that all their questions are answered and allaying the fears that can come up when completing these kinds of transactions.”

In Eleuthera and Abaco, Anne Bethel and Franklyn Knowles were named top producers respectively.

Bethel explained: “The core of our work at HGC is to provide a complete service that guides our clients through the process of selling or buying their home or property. Eleuthera is experiencing a true renaissance and right now, seems to be the place where everyone wants to be. Our real estate sales reflect that trend.”

Frank Knowles

In 2022, Dwayne Wallas was doubly recognized for having recorded the most transactions as well as securing the sale of some of the company’s most exclusive listings.

Dwayne Wallas

“It is an honor to be recognized during such a momentous milestone for the company,” said Wallas. “The past year has shown me that maintaining good working relationships with my colleagues is the key to success in this business. I have also learned that optimism in the face of disaster can go a long way.”


Rounding out the list was Kristi Hull, the company’s Top Resort Marketer for 2022.

Kristi Hull

HGC President and Managing Broker John Christie said 2022 was an incredible year for HGC, not just in terms of sales but also as the 100th Anniversary of the company’s founding.  He added: “I am proud of our strong team of agents, who are the reason we have made it to this milestone and am excited about seeing them continue to perform at this level going forward.”

Christie added that he was anticipating even more growth in 2023.

“Even with some concern of a global slowdown, all indications show that there will continue to be strong interest in The Bahamas and we are excited about the opportunities this will bring,” he said.