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Bud Light Kicks Off the summer with the Dive Bar Tour & Willis & the Illest Band

Bud Light Kicks Off the summer with the Dive Bar Tour & Willis & the Illest Band

New Providence, Bahamas – We all have one, our favorite Dive-Bar. It’s the place you retreat to after a long day; where the bartender knows you by name, where the Bud Light on tap is always ice cold, and where your favorite music is always in rotation. This summer, dive-bars around New Providence will become ground zero for the hottest mini concert series to hit the island. 

The music-themed series is the latest in an exciting line of promotions backed by the Bud Light Brand and the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company – the country’s only authorized Bud Light distributor.

“We’re very proud to be the local distributor of Bud Light in the Bahamas and we’re constantly looking for new, creative and fun ways to promote the brand locally,” said BBB Executive Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour.

The Bud Light Dive Bar Tour summer concert series officially kicked off on June 15 featuring well-known reggae band Willis & The Illest who will be the main event at performances held every two weeks at various locations. 

“This past Saturday, the Bud Light team took over Lukka Kairi with a high energy show headlined by Willis & The Illest who performed for a packed audience of locals and visitors.” 

“Performing at large venues is great but we love being able to perform for smaller crowds,” said the band’s lead singer, “Its a lot more intimate and you can really connect with the audience.”

In addition to featuring the well-established band, the Bud Light Dive-Bar Tour will also give a performance platform to a number of new, up and coming musical talents as well.

“The brewery has always been keen on giving local talent an opportunity to shine and this is just one more way we do that.” 

Persons interested in being a part of the tour should monitor the brewery’s social media for upcoming dates and the full list of performers who will hit the stage all summer long.

Sands Wants to Save our Bahama Land

Sands Wants to Save our Bahama Land

Abaco, Bahamas – Glass bottles are recyclable. Typically bottles are made with between 20 and 30 percent recycled material. This is good news for our emerging green country, but glass is heavy and can be hard to transport. Despite this fact, the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage team will launch recycling of their beer bottles in the Abacos on July 16th, 2019.

“We have been recycling bottles in Freeport for the past 11 years and in Nassau for the past 9 years,” said Gary Sands, the General Manager for Bahamian Brewery and Beverage. “Last year was a major accomplishment to the recycling program as we collected just over 50% of the bottles we sold to the market. With the launch of Abaco we hope to reach 60-65% this year.”

Sands announced the recycling news on Thursday night in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, at a customer appreciation party for their loyal beer distributors as well as Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits clients. “Abaco is the forefront of recycling,” Sands noted. “You all lead the country in the push of making a cleaner Bahamas. As a proud Bahamian I look up to the community of Abaco for your efforts, and I want to be a part of this change. The success of the recycling program is only as good as the people collecting them, and those who believe in a cleaner Bahamas.”

Attending and supporting the event were the Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco, James Albury, and President of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, Ken Hutton.  Both spoke briefly at the event and welcomed the news that recycling will now begin in the Abacos. “It’s a very big step and I applaud them for being good corporate citizens, recycling is important for a more sustainable Bahamas,” said MP Albury. “I am hoping this sets an example for other breweries and other companies will follow, a big thank you to the Sands Family and Bahamian Brewery Company.”

The Bahamian Brewery has a warehouse on the intersection of Don McKay Boulevard and S.C. Bottle Highway in the Maxwell’s Warehouse (well known as the old Cost Rite location), as well as a Jimmy’s Wines &Spirits store which opened in 2014.  They’ve assembled a very strong staff of eight, including Sales Manager, and well known industry veteran, Gerry Summers, and Winston Moss, Assistant General Manager who served as Master of Ceremonies for the night.

Joining the business community were local environmental organizations: The Bahamas National Trust and Friends of the Environment.  “We are thrilled with this news from Sands,” said Cha Boyce, Executive Director of Friends. “Recycling is not easy, nor is it always cost efficient. The fact that the signature beer of The Bahamas is willing to help us improve our community and our islands is very welcome news and we will support them whole-heartedly.”

Beer bottle collection will start on Tuesday July 16th at the Marsh Harbour warehouse location from 2-5pm and will then be shipped to Grand Bahama for recycling. Only Bahamian Brewery beers will be collected which include: Sands, Sands Light, Pink Sands Radler, High Rock lager, and Strong Back, but can be brought in in any beer box.  Bottles from the outlaying cays will need to be transported by the reseller but will all be accepted once they are clean and not broken. Each case will earn a return of one dollar and fifty cents.

“I never realized that, as well as saving our community, recycling bottles also provided another type of income for Bahamians,” noted GM Sands. “During my first job at the brewery I worked on Wulff Road collecting bottes. One day I helped an elderly man unload his trolley with returns which netted him thirty-seven dollars. When I paid him in cash, he looked at me with a face of excitement and gratitude and a tear running down his eye.”

“I’ll never forget, he said ‘son you have no idea what you have done for me today. I am unable to work because I am slightly disabled and, to be honest, I’m old. With the thirty-seven dollars you gave me today I am able to put food on the table for my family tonight.’ That moment right there was when I realized we were providing a new source of income for people who may not have the opportunity to work. Last year we paid out over $320,000 for returnable bottles. That’s $320,000 dollars that was injected into an already suppressed economy.”

This story and the recycling news was strongly welcomed by the attending Abaco community, as well as Sands’ comments that their Bahamian Brewery is 100% Bahamian owned and operated, employing over 150 Bahamians and only 3 expats. “I am very proud to be a part of Bahamian Brewery and Beverage, and breaking the beer industry monopoly our foreign competitors have had here in The Bahamas for the past 20 years,” noted Sands. “We are also very proud to support our Government in its 2020 Ban and will proudly stop using plastic too; look for our recycle bag campaign coming soon.” 

Regatta Time Again on Grand Bahama Island

Regatta Time Again on Grand Bahama Island

Freeport, Grand Bahama – It’s Regatta Time again! All across the country, Bahamians are gathering to celebrate our annual down-home traditions, with sloop sailing, Bahamian music, crafts, food, and more. 

This year, the 24th Grand Bahama Regatta & Homecoming is slated to take place in the historic Smith’s Point community from July 14th – 20th. Over a six-day period, Grand Bahamians will have access to a series of events, including a church service to take place at the St. Cleveland Baptist Church in Freetown on Sunday, July 14 and a major opening ceremony and performance planned for Friday, July 19. Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated additions to this year’s regatta roster, however, is a brand new Regatta themed summer camp which will be headquartered at the Goombayland Skating Rink; designed to train and develop the next generation of sailors on the island. 

Under the theme: Celebrating our Diversity Through Sailing, organizers are hoping to attract veteran and novice sailors to compete for amazing prizes and give locals and tourists another venue to enjoy at the beautiful shoreline of Lucaya.

“We have attracted 10 C Class Sloops with sailors hailing from all over The Bahamas,” explained GB Regatta Chairman, Chervita Campbell. “We’re particularly excited about the return of ‘Termite’ a sloop out of Exuma skippered by teenagers looking to claim the E-class competition.  The E-class will also feature a brand new sloop named ‘I can’t believe it’ built by Luthor Ferguson, sailing in Grand Bahama’s name.” 

As has become tradition, this year’s regatta will once again honour outstanding Bahamians who have made incredible contributions to their communities and by extension, their country. This year’s nominees include two long-standing public servants. In addition to their individual accomplishments which have garnered them national accolades, both Melvern Campbell-Johnson and Merril Williams have been intimately involved with the Grand Bahama Regatta committee, lending their significant organizational talents and skills to the planning and execution of successive regatta events as well.

“Both of our honourees have given their all to making the annual Regatta Committee memorable and fun for all of our participants” noted Campbell, “and this is just a small token of our appreciation for the work they have done.”

While organizers are anticipating widespread local participation in this year’s event, officials are also hoping to attract visitors from far and wide to provide a much needed economic boost for the island as well. “We’ve partnered with our  island’s resorts including Pelican Bay, Taino Beach Resort, The Grand Lucayan, and the Bell Channel Inn to provide discounted rates for those coming to the regatta, and X-treme Car rentals will offer affordable vehicle options.”

No regatta would be complete without an impressive lineup of Bahamian talent though. Taking the stage will be Bahamian music powerhouses Wilfred Solomon and Veronica Bishop; both to be accompanied by the popular Police Pop Band.

“Regatta time is really about celebrating all of the things that make us Bahamian,” explained Campbell. “We wanted to ensure that there was something for everyone so in addition to the races, we’ll be featuring lots of onshore games, stalls selling traditional straw crafts,  and of course everyone’s favourite Bahamian delicacies.”

To learn more about the GB Regatta and & Homecoming Weekend, persons are invited to click on their Facebook page ‘Grand Bahama Regatta & Homecoming’.

Bahamas Waste Supports National HIV/Aids Testing Day

Bahamas Waste Supports National HIV/Aids Testing Day

New Providence, Bahamas – The global HIV/AIDS epidemic has claimed millions of lives around the world. Here in The Bahamas, the numbers are equally distressing, with recent statistics revealing that one in fifty people currently live with the disease. In the face of such troubling data health-care professionals and advocacy groups alike have heightened efforts to raise awareness about the disease and encourage more Bahamians to know their HIV status. 

Bahamas Waste, the island’s first and only provider of medical and hazardous waste disposal services, has partnered with The Bahamas Ministry of Health to encourage Bahamians to get tested and know their HIV status. On Friday, June 28, healthcare professionals will set up FREE testing in Rawson Square as well as offer private counseling for hundreds of Bahamians.  

Event organizers hope to attract as many as 800 persons to this annual initiative. Dubbed ‘The Bahamas National HIV Testing Day’ the event is part of a wider regional project targeting the Caribbean and Latin America and works to prevent and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. “Knowing your status is the first step in stopping the spread of this terrible disease” explained Mrs. Paula Bowleg of the Bahamas HIV/AIDS Center. “We want to encourage everyone who can to come out and take advantage of this confidential and free testing.” 

Bahamas Waste will oversee all medical disposal as well as sanitation at the event grounds, providing garbage bins; portable toilets and hand-washing stations for all clinical workers and participants. “We’ve supported this program since 2011,” said Bahamas Waste Operations Manager Ethelyn Davis . “It is part of our core philosophy to help support our communities on all fronts.  We are proud to support the efforts of our Government and the amazing volunteers within the Ministry of Health to help reverse the impact of HIV/AIDS in The Bahamas and around the world.”

Bahamas Waste is not only dedicated to the annual testing but has been a long-standing supporter of HIV health care.  For more than 12 years Bahamas Waste has partnered with the All Saints Camp which was founded back in 1989 in response to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since then, the home has continued to provide room, board, and treatment for up to 60 persons who may otherwise not be able to receive the care.

“Every year we work to provide clothing, food and toiletry items which they need to make the lives of the residents there more comfortable,” Davis said, “We look forward to even more opportunities to assist in stopping the spread of this epidemic.

Grand Bahama Marketing Agency Launches Talent Recruitment Arm

Grand Bahama, The Bahamas – If you’ve turned on the television, listened to the radio or even walked through the airport then you’ve probably seen their work. With a well-established reputation for providing creative and innovative marketing concepts, the team at Barefoot Marketing has had more than two decades of experience in sourcing the best and brightest talents for various client campaigns, from the Water & Sewerage corporation, recent #BeAHero work, to the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company. Now, the company is preparing to launch a new arm solely dedicated to recruiting Bahamian talent.

Launching this week, the Barefoot Talent Agency will recruit actors and models of all ages, sizes, genders, and ethnicities in addition to talented voice actors to work on its various commercials, and campaigns both local and international.

“We get asked quite a few times a year for models for various tv campaigns, photo shoots, or movie extras for international productions,” noted Barefoot Marketing Director, Sarah Kirkby. “It becomes a desperate search for people who are Bahamian, who are free at odd times and who want to do this work.  Though we are based in Grand Bahama, we are looking for talent throughout the country, as projects are located on various islands  in The Bahamas.”

To apply, interested talents may submit a recent photograph or comp card, a brief biography, social media handles, and other contact information as well as personal details such as age, height, and natural hair color etc.

“We are also looking at social media influencers as well,” said Kirkby. “This new form of marketing is big business in the international market as well as in our own tourism marketing,  but now it’s starting to be utilized in local advertising too. Those with established followers, just starting out, or interested in this work need to send their social media information too.”

Barefoot is also in need of models for print and social media campaigns. More details can be found on the company’s social media pages where all information should be submitted. “I want to stress that we are not looking for runway or super models, we embrace all shapes, all sizes, all colour and all ages for this work.  We welcome those who are extroverts and love the limelight, and that includes children’s as well. We look forward to hearing from the talented people of The Bahamas.”

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