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Young Entrepreneur Surviving Despite COVID Times (Our Social Media Giveaway Winner)

Young Entrepreneur Surviving Despite COVID Times (Our Social Media Giveaway Winner)

Nassau, Bahamas – Starting a new business in the midst of a pandemic can be quite a daunting task, but doing so at the age of 18 raises the difficulty level ten-fold. For promising young stylist Leah Macara however, those challenges have only fueled her drive to succeed. In addition to traveling on her own to the capital from her hometown of Eleuthera, she is now running her own hair-styling business.

Starting out as a salon apprentice, Leah quickly ascended to the role stylist with a specialty for dreadlocks. From Starter Locs, Loc ReTwists, and countless other styles, Leah’s work has already made a name for itself, garnering the budding ‘loctician’ a growing list of local clientele. Over the past few months, Leah launched her at home services giving her clients access to quality haircare services without the hustle and bustle of the busy and sometimes crowded salon environment – a plus amid concerns surrounding the global pandemic.

Like scores of young entrepreneurs, Leah has found a way to adapt to the new normal and has put in a number of relevant safety protocols to ensure the safety of herself and her clients.
“Honestly working from home for me is great,” said Leah. “The area that I am in is safe and gated, my clients feel comfortable being there, which is most important to me.”

Loc’d by Leah clients are encouraged to cancel their appointments if they or someone in their household is feeling unwell and are required to wear a mask as they receive their services. They are also required to sanitize before entering and are also subject to temperature checks. Leah has also implemented a strict scheduling plan which allows her to maintain social distancing.

As Leah continues to work to develop her skills and grow her business, this very brave 18-year-old is really just doing what she loves. Her love for styling hair is matched only by her passion for helping other people feel confident about themselves. “Making my clients happy and seeing a smile on their face makes my day,” she said. “I enjoy talking to clients while styling their hair, and I learn new things every day from them and about my new home.” While Leah currently enjoys the freedom of her at home services, her long term goal is to open her own salon location, when the time is right. In the meantime, her clients are raving about her services. “I’ve been to Leah to style my dreadlocks five times and I’ve loved it each time,” said Ms. Kemp. “She’s a very professional and friendly young woman. Her work is consistently very nice and neat I’m always pleased with my hairstyles. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a stylist.” Another regular, Shoney raves referred to Leah as a “hairstylist that stays on top of her game by integrating trends into her client’s personal style also understanding face shape and hair types to create looks that compliment her client’s natural features.”

Leah’s tenacity to survive on her own and to flourish as an entrepreneur let her to enter Barefoot Marketing’s Social Media Giveaway, last month, which she won over quite a few entries. This gave her one month’s free social media management, logo work, advertising help, and more. “Right now I am enjoying working home, and my clients love it too. I look forward to doing so until I can open up my own salon in the future.”

Bahamas Waste Unveils New COVID Safety Truck

Bahamas Waste Unveils New COVID Safety Truck

New Providence, The Bahamas – For motorists on New Providence, seeing one of Bahamas Waste’s (BW) thematically wrapped sanitation trucks is a pretty common occurrence. In addition to being the island’s most trusted provider of waste management service, the company has also become synonymous with several important community causes.
Over the years, Bahamas Waste has used its trucks to represent and support various initiatives, from Autism Awareness to Cancer Research. This week the company unveiled the newest addition to its fleet with a timely message about COVID safety. “Bahamas Waste is in the business of encouraging cleanliness and proper sanitation and so it made sense for us to be at the forefront of sharing this COVID safety message” explained BW Managing Director, Francisco de Cardenas.

Over the past 9 months, the global health pandemic has claimed 1.5 million lives worldwide and continues to threaten the health and livelihood of Bahamians across the country. Thankfully, however, the implementation and enforcement of COVID-related protocols which include mask-wearing and social distancing have proven successful in reducing the number of new infections recorded.

After hearing one of the Prime Minister’s addresses calling for everyone to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask and saving lives, team waste knew what their newly painted vehicle should say.

“The past several months have been incredibly difficult, not just for us in The Bahamas but for the entire world,” explained de Cardenas, as he unveiled the vehicle. “Which is why it has become so important for all of us to work together to slow the spread of this virus and one of the easiest ways to do that is to simply wear a mask.”
The addition of the truck to the Bahamas Waste messaging is just one of several initiatives launched by the company since the start of the pandemic. “As a team, we have been really committed to ensuring that our staff and their families have remained healthy and COVID free during this time,” de Cardenas added. “It hasn’t always been easy but we’ve developed a culture of accountability with our staff, and we are strict about enforcing all the necessary protocols, most especially the wearing of masks and of course sanitizing regularly.”

Already, the new vehicle has received a major endorsement from the government. Present at the unveiling was East Grand Bahama Member of Parliament Peter Turnquest, who praised the company for its continued efforts as a community partner. “I wholeheartedly support this endeavor,” Turnquest said during brief remarks. “It speaks to the collective responsibility we all share in being our brother’s keeper and in ensuring that our economy and our country can regain a sense of normalcy.”

Grand Bahama Children’s Home Bolstered by Generous Donor Group

Grand Bahama Children’s Home Bolstered by Generous Donor Group

Freeport, Bahamas – The Grand Bahama Children’s Home has had two very busy, challenging years – beginning with rebuilding the homes that house their children, destroyed by Hurricane Dorian, with the Grand Bahama Port Authority, followed by the global COVID pandemic that brought delays in the rebuild and in the return of the children. These challenges, of course, have brought significant financial strain and concern, necessitating a reevaluation of what survival looks like for the Home in a post-Dorian and Covid world. Thankfully, donor groups have shown a tremendous interest in the Home – not only in our rebuilding efforts but in assisting the Home by providing new buildings and vehicles, staff training and a full-time therapy program, and helping establish a network to build sustainability in uncertain times.
SBP, well-known in The Bahamas for their bright yellow ‘light bulb’ shirts, seen repairing many homes for those in need, showed up after Dorian to assist the Home. The SBP team brought with them a wealth of disaster recovery experience in clean up, rebuilding, mold remediation, and international funding support. They have also been assisting the Home with charity development support, generating GoFundMe donations and other support among its network, site inspections, and, just last month, donated a minivan to the Home for the children as well.
“SBP’s overall mission is to reduce time between disaster and recovery,” said Zack Rosenburg, CEO, SBP. “Upon learning of the Grand Bahama Children’s Home fate at the hands of Dorian, we simply had to act. We’re delighted that the children have finally returned home and that we were able to help. What could be more important than supporting children to live in a safe and caring environment where they can thrive?”
SBP recognized an opportunity to help the Home with similarly aligned benefactors and, in turn, introduced the board to Kate Rose, Chairman of the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation (KJRF), who wanted to impact the lives of the home’s children with therapy and support – something the Board had wanted for many years. The KJRF fundraised over $700,000 earmarked to fund and develop a therapy programme, to run over a 5-year projected schedule with an onsite therapist, along with a staff training program, for the 40-year-old facility.
“The Kate and Justin Rose Foundation is committed to supporting these children who have been through so much in their young lives,” said Kate Rose. “Providing therapy is the first step towards clarifying some of the main issues facing the Grand Bahama Children’s Home and its children, and ultimately encouraging these children to thrive going forward.”
It was via this connection with the Roses in The Bahamas that the third donor, the One Bahamas Fund, joined the team and immediately bridged a funding gap to speed up the rebuild as well as finance the construction, by Spartan Builders, of a much-needed separate laundry and storage facility, due to be completed by Christmas 2020. In addition, SBP has stepped in to provide walk-in refrigeration and industrial laundry facilities and replace the generator lost in Dorian. This all will help the Home more efficiently operate and manage inventory at the same time.
The One Bahamas Fund was set up as a partnership between Albany’s community, parent company (Nexus Luxury Collection), Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake, and RBC to help The Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian. “The Grand Bahama Children’s Home was One Bahamas Fund’s first major project, with a with a committed donation of $300k,” noted CFO of Nexus, Jamie Winner. “It has been truly rewarding seeing the Home being built back better, both physically as well as operationally, with the tremendous help of all stakeholders.”
One Bahamas has also purchased a new bus for the Home and is slated to build a new therapy building in the new year. This addition is a great relief to both the Government of The Bahamas and the Board, who are expecting to house more children at the Home, which takes care of children, who are wards of the Government, from Abaco, Bimini, and Grand Bahama.
“If you can say there is a blessing from Dorian, these donors would be it for us,” said Mrs. Jean Hivert, GBCH Treasurer and Board Director. “Funding has always been a major challenge for the Home and, after Dorian, we knew we would need more help. This, of course, has been made all the more the case with COVID – these are very difficult times for everyone,” she explained.
“SBP has been there from the beginning,” said Sarah Kirkby, GBCH Board Director. “SBP helped us raise funds via a GoFundMe account and introduced us to international donors who were able to assist us and are still helping keep our doors open. We know reaching out to our local community is so difficult with so many in Grand Bahama struggling to survive. With this incredible team behind us, we can provide for our children in ways we had not been able to before,” added Kirkby.

ORG Engages MSMEs in Northern Bahamas,  to Gain Insight into Dual Crisis Management

ORG Engages MSMEs in Northern Bahamas, to Gain Insight into Dual Crisis Management

Nassau, New Providence – Micro, Small, and Midsize enterprises (MSMEs), have long been considered the key economic drivers of any strong economy. In The Bahamas, companies falling into these categories represent over 90% of businesses across the country. In recent months, however, these businesses – particularly those in the Northern Bahamas – have struggled to navigate difficult economic times brought on from the destruction of Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 and then the widespread impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The dual crisis has seen scores of once-thriving enterprises make the difficult to decision to lay off staff, open part-time, or worse, close their businesses altogether. Over the next few weeks, however, a new collaborative effort between The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), will give small businesses on Grand Bahama and Abaco specifically, a platform to outline their current challenges via an online survey. The results of the study will help to determine the effectiveness of current and past efforts utilized to assist MSMEs through the crisis. The survey can be found at ORGs website-
“The survey will officially launch on Thursday, November 19th,” explained ORG Executive Director, Matt Aubry. “Over three weeks, we will engage these business owners on a wide range of issues like the impact of COVID related restrictions, challenges with access to supplies after the Hurricane and how government support has affected their capacity to remain open.”, he noted.
Utilizing ORG’s relationships with the Small Business Development Center, local Chambers of Commerce, and NGO’s, the survey will be broadcast to multiple networks for completion. The survey is estimated to take 15 minutes, with anonymity for all companies. The report of results will be presented to the Ministry of Finance and the Small Business Development Center to aid future policies and legislation to garner foster sustainability and resilience of MSME’s, particularly in the instance of emergencies.
ORG had engaged Barefoot Marketing to assist them in an media campaign designed to raise awareness about the initiative, and to conduct phone surveys to help participants have even greater access to participate in the study. “We understand that many businesses may have had to relocate to smaller spaces or have transitioned into home businesses,” noted Tiffany Bain, ORG’s Research Officer on the project. “It is critical that we secure a broad and representative sample of the MSMEs that made up much of the economy in Abaco and Grand Bahama to gain meaningful and relevant information. We encourage everyone on these islands to share the survey and assist us in reaching all.”

Remy Cointreau Joins Brand Portfolio at Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company

Remy Cointreau Joins Brand Portfolio at Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company

Nassau, The Bahamas – Remy Cointreau, one of the world’s leading brands of spirits is also now part of Bahamian Brewery & Beverage (BBB) Company’s group of extensive brands. The acquisition of the world-renowned supplier took effect in April of this year and is the latest effort by the Brewery’s retail side, Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits, to expand its already impressive offerings of premium wines and spirits.

Since 1724, the French, family-run group has led the way in offering a variety of quality spirits to markets across the globe. “Just like the Remy Cointreau group, Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co is a family-owned business with similar values. At the very core of our company’s foundation are terroir, people, and time,” said Remy’s Bahamas’ Business Development Manager, Keiani Thomas.

“We were attracted to Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co because of similar values and objectives. Our goal is to work together with this dynamic team to develop the premium product offering in The Bahamas, and further increase both visibility and distribution of our brands.”

Through its chain of Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits locations, Bahamians will continue to enjoy access to Remy’s international brands like; Remy Martin Cognac and St. Remy, Brandy, in addition to their other premium spirits like Louis XIII, Mount Gay Rum, Botanist Gin, Bruichladdich, Ponche Kuba, and Cointreau. “Rémy Cointreau’s portfolio is exceptional. Each of these brands represents unique flavors and heritage, but all share the same culture of excellence,” Thomas.

With this new partnership, BBB plans to continue to provide its customers with products that they know and love, at new and expanded locations. “Indeed, we are delighted to have such a prestigious portfolio as a part of our offering,” said BBB Executive Sales & Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. “Remy Cointreau with its 300-year legacy has an incredible array of products with leading brands in key categories as rum, whiskey, liqueur, gin, and cognac. Its addition complements our position with the ability to service clients from East Street to Paradise Island, brands that are ‘a must’ on bars, to brands that people are inspired to have on their bucket list. We welcome Remy Cointreau to the Bahamian Brewery Family and look forward to satisfying our consumers’ distinctive taste.”