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Junkanoo Community on Grand Bahama Pay Tribute to Motorboat Ferguson with Help From BTC

FREEPORT, Bahamas – The streets of Grand Bahama Island erupted with the sounds of the drums, horns and the shuffle of hundreds of dancing feet as the various Junkanoo groups turned out in their numbers for the annual New Year’s Day Parade, which is the highlight of the holiday season.

This year’s parade, however, was sadly marred by the loss of one of Grand Bahama’s Junkanoo giants in the person Ken ‘Motorboat’

Ferguson who passed away in late 2017 making the event a bittersweet celebration of his life and of Bahamian culture.
Like ‘Motorboat’, BTC has worked to make sure that the art of Junkanoo has grown and become the epitome of showmanship and performance that we have come to expect and love in our annual parades.

“Sadly, this year we lost ‘Motorboat’, he was himself an amazing talent and proved his commitment to the development of Junkanoo in Grand Bahama time and time again,” said VP of Customer Experience Eldri Ferguson-Mackey. “So, this year the parade was to honour his memory and his legacy in this wonderful expression of Bahamian Culture.”

For many years BTC has been the primary sponsor of the annual New Year’s Junkanoo parade on Grand Bahama and this fifth non-consecutive year was no exception. BTC provided thousands in financial funding to the Grand Bahama Junkanoo Committee –which were used to support numerous groups including Swingers, Classic Dancers,

Showtime Superstar Rockers and Kingdom Culture. BTC also provided Fiber capabilities for live streaming which gave thousands of Bahamians access to the parade via their smart devices.

“As our premier event for cultural expression Junkanoo is a staple of the season,” said Ferguson. “Giving Bahamians an opportunity to showcase their immense talent and cultural pride.”

Visit BTC ‘s Facebook or website pages to see photos and video of the fun-filled night of culture and more.

Gary Sands Takes Helm at Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company

New Providence, Bahamas – Gary Sands is making history in the beverage industry worldwide. He is one of the youngest persons ever to take the helm of a major beverage company. At the age of 27, Gary has recently been promoted to General Manager of Bahamian Brewery and beverage with a staff of 60 under his management. He will command the operations at all Jimmy’s locations in Nassau, North Eleuthera, and Abaco except for Freeport, Grand Bahama where the parent company, Bahamian Brewery, and Beverage Company is located. Jimmy’s has eight distribution centres in New Providence, Freeport, North Eleuthera and Marsh Harbor, Abaco.

As General Manager, Gary is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, and also has marketing, sales, and accounts under his purview.

“It’s a huge responsibility – a huge undertaking, but it’s the great people who work with me who make all the difference,” Gary said about his new job and the team he has been commissioned to manage.

The company, which has a staff of 120 altogether, is setting the pace for young business professionals in the country. Expect to find young managers running operations in the warehouse, accounts, distribution and marketing departments in New Providence and Grand Bahama. They are leaning on the expertise of veterans in the industry who also make up the Jimmy’s team. When Gary’s father James “Jimmy” Sands established the company ten years ago, he was able to successfully recruit a power team consisting of individuals who were loyal employees of his father from his days at Butler & Sands.

As the company now celebrates its tenth anniversary, some of those veterans are heading for retirement and are placing the reins in the hands of a much younger, vibrant generation with great ideas to take into the future. One of those individuals, Berkley Williamson retired as General Manager. When Gary first entered his father’s business, it was never cut and dry that he would assume such a position in the company. It was through hard work, dedication, and passion that he proved himself worthy of the job.

“I most definitely have what it takes,” says Gary, adding that he expects to hold the reins for a long time. “I adopted my grandfather and dad’s way of doing business. Things have to be done right and on time, and if you say you are going to do something, you do it. It’s about reliability.”

His work ethic has won him the respect of the team, including his seniors, who are all excited about the way forward for the company with a young, dynamic leader. “If I had to do it on my own, there no way I could do it. There are strategic people in sales and marketing, running the accounts, running the warehouse – people I can rely on. They are not just regular employees. They are more like family than employees. We are very close-knit.”

He notes that senior members of the team are readily embracing the new way of thinking and doing business, which is a “right now” attitude, “not tomorrow or the next day”.

The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company produces Sands Beer, Sands Light, Sands Pink Radler, High Rock Lager, Strong Back Stout, Bush Crack Beer which now also comes in a berry flavour, and Triple B Malta. These products are manufactured from the Brewery in Grand Bahama and distributed throughout the country. In addition to the local products, Gary is responsible for the other beverages in the Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits portfolio. The company was awarded the AB InBev exclusive distributorship of the Anheuser Busch line of products including Budweiser and Bud Light, Beck’s, Stellar Artois and Presidente beers. Jimmy’s also distributes a full complement of wines and spirits including popular brands such as the Jackson family wines, Decero wines, Tito’s
vodka, and Flor de Cana rums.

Gary is using wisdom and soaking up every bit of knowledge he can about the industry. The relationship with AB InBev has taught him much about the industry and “their way of thinking” that drives sales. Whether it’s travelling to Germany to learn first-hand about the industry he loves, or communicating with affiliates in the region, Gary is rising to the challenge with the kind of success that made his father, the President, and CEO, have confidence in his ability.

Kelly Sands, Gary’s sister, is also a vital component to the success of the company. As manager of all storefronts, Kelly never hesitates to take on any task, from driving the forklift to cashing, to delivering, to get the job done. Gary commends her for her vast creativity and for the success of her brainchild, the Travelling Beer Fest which takes Sands Beer throughout the family islands.

It is his hope that their younger brother and sister – Mallory who is in university and James Jr. who is about to complete high school – will join the family empire that includes a multi-million- dollar facility producing some of the Bahamas’ favorite beverage brands.

The company’s tenth-anniversary celebrations have included lots of giveaways and customer appreciation campaigns. The Scratch n’ Win promotion, for example, resulted in over $10,000 in giveaways during the campaign. Through Budweiser, Jimmy’s sent Bahamians on all expense paid trips; while the Presidente music vibe was a hit with music lovers. During the Christmas holidays, Sands Beer sponsored the Black Out event, which drew a large crowd and also proved a success.

For young professionals who aspire to lead companies but may be discouraged because of their age, Gary advises: “There is an opportunity for everyone. The thing that helped me is that I took every opportunity I had to advance myself. Don’t roll over. Don’t let someone come and push you out of anything you have a strong feeling for just because you are young. Listen to your seniors, take advice, but it doesn’t mean you have to do what they tell you.”

He feels that based on the fact that The Bahamas is a small country with citizens that have made a global impact, there is every reason for more and more young Bahamians to keep making history in whatever field they are engaged in.

“You know the tingling feeling we all got when the Golden girls won? That’s the feeling I get when I look at my own staff. Bahamians are great people…and with eight billion people in the world, what are the chances that we would be born in the best place on Earth? The odds are already in our favor!”

He encourages consumers to continue to invest in a “100 per cent Bahamian company”.

“We invest into the economy. Every dollar we make stays in the country. We invest in young Bahamians and it is evident by our management team. They are the future of this company. We have superstar products and a superstar team, and what this company has done in 10 years is simply phenomenal.”

BTC Kicks off Women’s Week Observance At GirlCon 2017

FREEPORT, Bahamas – Girl Power was the central theme at the aptly named conference designed to empower and inspire young women on Grand Bahama Island. The half-day conclave, which coincided with the National observance of Women’s Week in the Bahamas was open to 12th-grade girls across the island, giving them access to some of the best and brightest female minds the country has to offer.

As a company which values and has consistently rewarded the contributions of women at all levels of Bahamian society, BTC was eager to accept the invitation of organizers to be a part of this event.

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of speaking on several occasions about the influence and skill which women bring to the communications industry and the very important work that the women of team BTC continue to do locally, and so this partnership with the organizers of GirlCon was one which I felt
really strongly about” said BTC VP Eldri Ferguson Mackey.

GirlCon 2017, the brainchild of Senator Kay Forbes Smith, showcased an all-female panel, including BTC Northern VP Eldri Ferguson Mackey, who shared their personal and collective stories of success and struggle with the nearly 200 young women in attendance. That panel discussion eventually gave way to a ‘Girl Chat’ question and answer segment which allowed the young participants to get answers to their specific questions ranging from how to overcome bullying, to identifying and pursuing one’s passions.

“Having the opportunity to speak with the girls during that panel discussion was a very enlightening experience” noted Ferguson-Mackey, “particularly against the backdrop of Women’s Week, it was refreshing to hear these young women articulate their views on the world and how they hope to contribute to it, impact it and change it”.

In commemoration of National Women’s Week, Bahamian women from all sectors of society are being honoured with special events planned around the country to celebrate the achievements of women and sisterhood

New Providence Water Development Company Launches Online Portal

Nassau, New Providence – Just a few short months after relocating its operation to the Old Fort Bay Plaza, the New Providence Water Development Company is continuing its push toward improved customer service and convenience through the launch of its new Online Portal.

The newly designed website provides the full list of services offered by the company, along with valuable information regarding new and existing connections; providing access to downloadable versions of necessary forms and a platform for customers to register complaints.

The launch of the web portal
is the latest in a series of major upgrades to the company’s facilities which have been designed to not only improve quality of products and services but transform the way customers are able to engage with the company as well. The company’s recent efforts also included the establishment of an online social media presence which has given customers the platform to receive real-time assistance and access to important information.

“Because so much of the what happens in today’s world is accomplished through technology it was important that we also followed suit, first through our social media and now through the launch of the website” explained CEO Andrew Symonette. “Technology-driven changes are just one element of the work we’re doing. We’ve also neared completion of our Reverse Osmosis Plant.”

The new state of the art facility represents a multi-million-dollar investment that will aid in the continued provision of a reliable and safe water supply to an expanded service area ranging from Lyford Cay, Old Fort, Mount Pleasant, and Serenity residential areas.
“We are hoping to have the plant completed by the end of the year with the new water being distributed at this time,” noted Symonette. “This is a little bit later than expected but it will have allowed us to complete new pipe lines to service a significant amount of our 1500 customers. The new plant will replace the existing pump house and, coupled with the new pipework, will allow us to improve the quality of the water distributed and the service provided.”

Ural Pratt wins First Sands Beer Cup

The Bahamas Golf Federation and the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company are pleased with the success of the first Sands Beer Cup in 2017. Golfers competed in 11 rounds of golf in 6 tournaments during the year in Nassau, Freeport and Exuma.

The final tournament event was held at Albany Golf Course when Ural Pratt was able to hold on to his lead and win the CUP by 3 points over Marvin Bethell, who cut into the lead but was unable to catch Pratt. Bethell finished in second followed by Richard Gibson Jr in third. For his win, Pratt will be the first name etched on the Floating Trophy. He also received a weekend stay for two at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge, Elbow Cay Abaco and two round-trip tickets on Sky Bahamas.

The Gross Division was won by Richard Gibson Jr who held the lead throughout the year. The Runner Up was Oren Butler.

Ural Pratt also won the Mid-Amateur Division and the Runner Up was Ian Howard.

The Super Senior Division was won by Marvin Bethell and Ambrose Gouthro captured the Runner Up spot.

Mr Wellington Seymour, Sands Beer’s Executive Sales & Marketing Manager presented the trophies & prizes to the Cup winners along with gift certificates for complimentary cases of Sands Beer products. He expressed his pleasure in supporting the event and confirmed Sands Beer’s Sponsorship for at least the next two years.

Mr Glen Archer, the BGF President thanked Sands Beer for their support. He also thanked all the players who participated and commented that the BGF hopes to continue to grow the event and make it bigger and better next year.