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Bahamas Waste Incentivizes Vaccinations  For Its Employees

Bahamas Waste Incentivizes Vaccinations For Its Employees

For more than 2 years, the country and the world have grappled with the loss of family, friends, and loved ones at the hands of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Since the introduction of vaccines designed to mitigate the impact of the virus on the human population, millions of people have lined up to get ‘the jab’. 

Across our archipelago, some 138 thousand Bahamians have joined those ranks accounting for 35.2% of the country’s population. While the personal choice to be vaccinated against the deadly Covid-19 virus was a relatively easy choice for some, the decision has not been as cut and dry for many others. 

With vaccine hesitancy, a major concern in the fight against the Coronavirus, corporate citizens like Bahamas Waste is doing their part to allay fears, raise awareness and even incentivize the process for members of its team.  “We understand that making this kind of decision can be difficult and even frightening for some,” noted Bahamas Waste General Manager, Francisco de Cardenas. “For the past several weeks and months we’ve been making sure that our employees have all the information they need to make a decision and that they are aware of all the options available to them.”

In addition to raising awareness, the company also set out to reward team members who got or will get vaccinated. Over three months, Bahamas Waste employees are being given three chances to win cash prizes as part of its in-house ‘Get Vaxxed Raffle’ with the first of the three drawings taking place on November 30th.  “The support from our team has been great so far,” noted Bahamas Waste Health & Safety / IT Manager, Christopher Johnson. “We’re expecting even more participation as we move into our December and January drawings.”

Employees opting to take any of the available vaccines throughout the country were able to enter to win five hundred dollars in November, with chances to win another five hundred in December and a thousand dollars in January drawings too. “We have also allowed the names to roll over if they do not win in the first or second drawings,” noted Johnson. “In addition, we gave out four consolation prizes for this month of $50 gas vouchers all drawn by members of The Bahamas National Vaccination Committee.“

Speaking for the National Council while at the raffle event, Vice Chairman, Ed Fields, noted “Every little bit counts!  We applaud Bahamas Waste and these types of corporate initiatives, which Bahamas Waste organized on their own.  It shows their commitment to their employees but more so how they are making every effort to the wider goal to get as many people in The Bahamas vaccinated as possible.” 

In all, as many as 78 employees entered the raffle but for Thomas Knowles having his name drawn meant a 500 dollar payday just in time for the holiday shopping season. “I initially went back and forth about taking the vaccine but after paying attention to the trends, the statistics, and heeding the advice of healthcare professionals, I’m glad I made the decision and even happier that I can be rewarded for it.” 

Corona Takes Duo to “Rediscover Paradise”

Corona Takes Duo to “Rediscover Paradise”

Known for rewarding their loyal customers through various social media promotions, contests, and celebrations, Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits joined forces with Corona Beer brand to offer their customers a chance to ‘Rediscover Paradise’ and make their travel dreams a reality by visiting the Dominican Republic. 

“Corona as a brand has positioned itself as the perfect cooler companion for persons who want to celebrate and enjoy paradise” explained Joel Smith, ABInBev Brand Manager. “After two years of adjusting to the new normal the ‘Rediscover Paradise’ was an invitation for fans of our products to do just that, whether that means exploring our own local paradise or in this case, exploring the paradise that is the Dominican Republic.”

“Each purchase of a Corona six-pack gave our customers an opportunity to win the trip,” Smith explained. “It included first-class accommodations at a 5 star, all-inclusive resort and access to amazing activities and experiences which allowed them to explore the island and rediscover paradise for themselves.” 

For two of the brand’s customers, a single purchase of a Corona six-pack from their favourite Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits location unlocked the trip of a lifetime. Denise and her husband Ralph Johnson returned this past week, relaxed and refreshed from the Dominican Republic.  “The entire trip was a dream come true,” said Denise Johnson, who traveled with her husband Ralph.  The entire experience was phenomenal. From the welcome gifts, the overall ambiance, service par excellence, the Scape Park day excursion, and more.  So hats off to the Corona and Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits team.”

The ‘Rediscover Paradise’  promotion was launched in August and culminated at the end of September. “We’re always thrilled at the level of engagement these kinds of promotions get from our customers” noted Executive Sales and Marketing Manager at Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits, Wellington Seymour. “The entry response we received was really strong, I am sure many wanted to get away after the last two years.  This is also a great way to say thanks to our customers who have really supported Corona beer since they entered the local market.”

As the holiday season approaches, fans of Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits and its many brands can expect even more opportunities to win. “We are firm believers in giving back to the people who continue to support us and our brands,” noted Seymour. “We are working on new campaigns all the time and we’re excited about launching those opportunities very soon.”

Bahamian Brewery & Tito’s Handmade Vodka team up to support Rotary Club of East Nassau

Bahamian Brewery & Tito’s Handmade Vodka team up to support Rotary Club of East Nassau

The widely-used acronym for the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company, (BBB), took on a whole new meaning, becoming Birdies, Bogeys, and Bank Shots, all thanks to the company’s recent sponsorship of the Rotary Club of East Nassau’s annual charity golf tournament.

The company joined forces with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, the Rotary Club of East Nassau, and the Scout Association of The Bahamas to execute the event, which made for a Friday of friendly-but-fierce golf competition, featuring both amateur and expert golf talents. Now in its 34th year, the annual event has helped raise millions of dollars for scores of different charities across the country.

“This has been our primary fundraiser for the last 30 years,” explained Philip Andrews, Rotary event organizer. “Each year we are blown away by the level of support we receive from, not just the golfing community, but from our corporate partners like the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company and now Tito’s Handmade Vodka.”

On October 15, twenty-four, two-man teams took over the greens at the Four Season’s Ocean Club Golf Course, teeing off for a chance to play on a great course with friends as well as the opportunity to secure much-needed funding for the Scout Association of The Bahamas and other Rotary Club of East Nassau-sponsored community service organizations.

“The Scout Association is one of those organizations that has played an integral role in the development of young Bahamians,” noted Andrews. “They’ve been providing a platform that encourages camaraderie, discipline, and a commitment to growth for more than 80 years, which is why we annually donate to them.”

The tournament, which attracted some major players from the local golfing community, made for a Friday of fun on the fairway. The highlight of this year’s day of play however were the customized beverage stations, set up courtesy of BBB! Camped out at the second hole of the tournament was the Sands Beer ‘Man In The Boat’ who offered ice-cold Sands and Sands Light to this year’s players. Not to be outdone though was Tito’s Handmade Vodka – the official vodka of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) – who prepared fresh samples of their famed blueberry vodka lemonade which awaited players at hole number four.

“As the official vodka of the PGA, we jumped at the chance to participate in a local golfing event, and what makes it even better is that we also get to support such great charities as well,” said Susan Warren, BBB’s Wine & Spirits Portfolio Specialist.

This corporate collaboration is just the latest in a series of community and charitable events sponsored by the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company and is its many brand partners.

“As the Truly Bahamian beer brand we know how important it is to support our own” said BBB Executive Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. “We’re always looking for new ways to lend our support to worthy causes and live up to our reputation as good corporate citizens.”

Bahamians Fill Top Roles at Bradford Marine

Bahamians Fill Top Roles at Bradford Marine

Veteran maritime industry professional Ray Lightbourne has been selected to head up Bradford Marine’s Grand Bahama Operation. The appointment which took effect as of April 2021 sees Lightbourne assume the role of General Manager with responsibility for the company’s 55 member Freeport team. Lightbourne’s appointment marks the first time that a Bahamian has led operations on Grand Bahama Island and is part of a fresh focus to attract and engage a new crop of maritime professionals to help the company meet its growth goals moving forward.

Lightbourne, who has been with the company for more than a decade, brings years of experience and dedication to the new role having worked across various departments in the company over the course of his career. “One of the things I’m really proud of here is the fact that our clients, no matter where they are in the world, know that they can depend on us for professional services,” Lightbourne said. “I am excited to lead the team here, and am even more proud of the work our crews put out on a daily basis.” 

Joining Lightbourne as one of the company’s newest Bahamian executives is Deepak McSweeney,  another longtime employee who joined the company’s ranks as its first-ever summer student.  McSweeney boasts up to 17 years of industry experience and recently assumed the role of Yard Superintendent.  “I had the good fortune of coming on board right out of high school” he explained. “I have worked in every single department of the company, it not only taught me the ins and outs of the business but helped clarify what direction I wanted my career to take.”

Describing the maritime industry as a living environment, both Lightbourne and McSweeney have predicted that the future of the industry will not only depend heavily on client demand but on the availability of properly trained personnel. This, the duo notes will be a major thrust of Bradford Marine’s growth plans. 

“What our team envisions is the creation of opportunities for more Bahamians through education, job training, and internships. We want to provide opportunities for interested young people to learn and explore all aspects of the maritime field” Lightbourne noted.

In the coming weeks and months, Lightbourne says his team will continue to work to meet the demands of the company’s international business model.  For more than 50 years, Bradford Marine has been a leading provider of both short-term and long-term dockage, yacht servicing, and yacht sales. With an already well-established reputation that celebrates the maritime expertise and professionalism of its Bahamian team, Lightbourne says he is prepared to take the company’s brand to even greater heights.

“Above all else Bradford Marine has proven that a small island in The Bahamas can provide world-class marine services,”

Lightbourne stated. “I hope that with the right mix of experienced and fresh personnel we can build on the reputation which Bradford Marine has built for itself.”  

Bahamas Waste Driver Saves The Day for Visitor

Bahamas Waste Driver Saves The Day for Visitor

Losing your luggage on vacation is the ultimate nightmare, but having it returned by your friendly neighborhood sanitation truck driver could only be described as a dream come true. 

After spending several days in paradise at the Atlantis Resort, John Kanwischer, a visitor from Pennsylvania was devastated to find that one of his bags did not make the return trip to the United States. While en route to the airport, the luggage containing Kanwischer’s personal belongings fell from a tour bus, but luckily a good Samaritan who works at Bahamas Waste was able to intervene. 

“I was actually headed to work, and I was near the prospect ridge area when I noticed the bag fall from the tour car” explained Shawn Adderley. Rather than ignoring the bag and leaving it on the side of the road, Adderley immediately pulled his truck over to retrieve it. “I didn’t really think about it. I just knew how I would feel if I lost my luggage on vacation, and I hated the idea that one of our visitors would have to possibly experience that.”

Adderley, a seven-year employee of Bahamas Waste, is known across the company for his cheerful disposition and his outstanding work ethic. “It was a really good experience to learn that your staff is so responsive to just about any situation that arises,” noted Bahamas Waste Operations Manager, Ethelyn Davis. “We pride ourselves on hiring team members who are not only hard-working but honest as well, and so we were thrilled when we saw Shawn, living up to that reputation.” 

With the bag secured, Bahamas Waste was able to make contact with the tour company, which then secured a connection to Kanwischer and his family.  The tour company organized the safe return of the bag to their client. 

“This lost bag is only one example of the honesty and goodwill of our employees. They have found wallets, passports, NIB Cards, you name it, and have always been sure to return them,” explained Bahamas Waste General Manager, Francisco de Cardenas. “This was one of those situations that could have gone very badly but I’m happy to say that Bahamas Waste had a hand in changing the course of the trip for one of our visitors.” 

Adderley’s good deed was further rewarded last week when Royal Atlantis Vice President and General Manager of Operations Gregg Skowronski, gifted Mr. Adderley with a weekend stay at the famed Atlantis resort property. “I didn’t go into it expecting to be rewarded,” said Shawn, “but it’s a great feeling to be recognized for doing the right thing.”

Shawn and a guest of his choice will get to enjoy all the luxurious amenities and experiences the hotel has to offer. “We are so very proud of Shawn” de Cardenas beamed “and in this instance, we are also so grateful to the Atlantis resort for their generosity toward him as a member of our team.”